It is our duty to support “Irikkal Samaram”, 2nd Phase

Yamini Parameswaran
Translation : Aswathi Senan

Anweshi President K. Ajitha addresses the protesters on its 4th day.

6 female employees from Kalyaan Sarees, Thrissur have been transferred to the various branches in Kerala without stating any reason. This harassment tactics was employed by the management when these women raised their voice against the inhuman work atmosphere in the company.

The female employees there are paid between Rs 5000-7500 for working from 9.30 am to 8 pm. From this salary, the employer makes cuts in the form of fine for every meal break or toilet break that they take.

Thus, they deduct almost Rs 1500 Rs from the monthly wage of each. In addition to this, money is deducted in the form of PF and welfare fund. The employees are not given any receipt for all of these deductions.

Certain female employees united and commenced a press meet in Thrissur Press Club declaring their decision to protest against these unjust acts and atrocities. But none of the mainstream media friends reported this fearing the loss of huge revenue that their media firm earn from these big ad givers!

AMTU (Assamghaditha Meghala Thozhilaali Union) has been protesting in front of Kalyaan Sarees for the past 5 days. This protest led by those women who have been transferred, titled ‘Sitting Strike- 2nd Phase’, is not to retain these women in the Thrissur branch.

This is to bring to light similar inhuman and unjust treatment that thousands of female employees undergo in various parts of Kerala and to devise a solution for their condition. It is our duty to ensure that this strike succeeds in winning their human rights and labour rights.

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